Hall Of Fame

You, your teachers and your school can win an iTICKET Showdown award in any of these categories…

1. Best Costume Design – the stuff you wear14 SD trophy edit
2. Best Props Design – the stuff you hold
3. Best Set Design – the stuff you stand on/in front of
4. Best Lighting Design – the guys/girls up ladders
5. Best Sound Design – the guys/girls with the subbies

Shining Stars
6. Best Choreography Performance –  how well you all moved
7. Best Vocal Work by a Chorus – how well you all sounded
8. Best Male Soloist – a guy who sings on his own
9.Best Female Soloist – a girl who sings on her own
10/11. Best Supporting Male in a Musical OR in a Play
12/13. Best Supporting Female in a Musical OR in a Play
14/15. Best Lead Male in a Musical OR in a Play
16/17. Best Lead Female in a Musical OR in a Play
. skycity_theatreThe Bosses
18. Best Choreographer
19. Best Musical Director
20. Best Director
The Big Ones
21. iTICKET People’s Choice Award
22. iTICKET Award for Outstanding Play
23. iTICKET Award for Outstanding Musical
24. iTICKET Award for Best Production


*To be eligible for an award, a person must be a STUDENT or STAFF MEMBER at the school that has entered the production.

A “staff member” is anyone who is paid to work at the school, whose main role is something other than working on the production (this is to keep the competition fair and deliberately exclude professionals hired in by the school).